I Holland is the world's largest manufacturer and exporter of tablet compression tooling to the Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Food and Beverage, Cosmetics, Confectionery, Chemical, house-hold products, batteries and associated industries.


Included in the range of tooling products are:

  • Interchangeable tooling
  • Rotating head punches (reduced wear on tooling and presses)
  • Multi tip tooling (increased output and reduced operating costs)
  • Uniquely shaped and specifically designed tooling.

Also supply a large range of auxiliary tableting equipment including:

  • Validation Equipment, including,
    • APPROVE software, allows simultaneous measuring of various dimensions enabling rapid validation of tooling
    • VALI-SCAN, designed to validate each punch and die prior to loading into the press, ensuring each tablet produced is correct.
    • VARI-SCAN, an optical system for validation of embossed detail of either tablets or punch tips.
  • Tablet De Dusters
  • Punch and Die storage systems
  • Automatic & bench top ultrasonic cleaners
  • Hand and bench top polishing units
  • Digital and analog comparators
  • Punch cleaning consumables
  • Tablet Hardness Testers
  • Compression and Tension Testers
  • Micro Fine Polishing Unit. A fully automatic polisher that producers consistent results every time and reducing costly manual polishing, the unit polishes dull and discoloured punches and dies to a high quality finish, removing fine burrs and stubborn product contamination in a simple process. Fallsdell Machinery has a unit available for trials and demonstrations for our Australian customers.

Visit the I Holland web site at www.iholland.co.uk

For further information contact:
Bruce Drysdale
Phone: +612 9791 0933
Fax: +612 9791 0837
Email: bruce@fallsdell.com.au